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Forest Mulching
Wildfire Mitigation
Land Clearing

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Developing Healthy Landscapes

Gnarled Pine is Southwest Montana’s leading service provider specializing in forestry mulching, fuels reduction, wildfire mitigation, pasture reclamation, land clearing, and trail building.

Cost Effective
Limited Erosion
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What is forestry mulching?

Forestry Mulching is a fuel reduction treatment method used to reduce the risk of wildfire and to reduce fuel loadings by returning the forest to natural conditions without the need for burning slash piles or prolonged manual labor.

Forestry Mulching vs. Land Clearing

Forestry Mulching

Cost effective
Natural erosion control
No burning or hauling
Visually appealing
Recycled biomass
No permits required

Land Clearing

Expensive removal
Erosion control required
Hauling or burning required
Unsightly and messy
Removal of biomass
Permits often required
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Our Equipment

Gnarled Pine uses a top-of-the-line Bobcat T-770 Forestry Mulcher. This 92 HP machine with 18"-wide rubber tracks and high-flow hydraulics is extremely powerful and maneuverable in the forest environment, allowing for work to be completed in all sorts of weather, with minimal damage to the land.

The 60" forestry mulching head with 30 carbide steel cutting teeth provides superior biomass reduction that is fast, efficient, and the most cost-effective method of the tree and brush clearing available today with the ability to mulch trees up to 10” in diameter. This method leaves the forest floor flush to the ground without disturbing the microbes and root systems in the topsoil. 

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Dash Rodman - owner of Gnarled Pine

About Gnarled Pine

Dash Rodman is a long-time Montana resident that loves to be in the woods and work hard. He has spent his adult life working as a hunting guide, Emergency Room Nurse, yurt builder, and a local business owner, giving him a well-rounded career and positive insights into what it takes to be successful when working with people and projects. He was drawn to forestry mulching after working on his own land projects and seeing the results of what could be done through this application “first hand”. He prides himself on strong communication skills, appropriate expectations, and follow through until the job is done. As a person who believes that being a member of a community is important and matters, he looks forward to getting to know you and working on your land.

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Forestry Mulching FAQs
Benefits of Mulching

The benefits include opening the canopy and forest floor which provides the remaining trees access to more nutrients, sunlight, and water.

More Sunlight, More Growth

When trees are crowded together, they are in competition for sunlight and water.  As a result, forests tend to be less healthy and dense. 

Healthier Trees

Forestry mulching can assist in removing some trees in the early stages, to allow the remaining trees to grow faster, stronger and larger. 

Fire Hazard Reduction

Over the past decade, Forest mastication (forestry mulching) methods have dramatically reduced wildfire hazards, protected homes, created more usable pasture acreage,  and greatly improved forest health.